The Largest Homebuilt Wind Turbines In the WORLD!!

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Breezy 5.5Kw  and 10Kw turbines                    (5.5kw above)      


Prairie Turbines presents:


             A how-to-book/plans


      Breezy 5.5 

     A Reliable 5500 Watt Homebuilt Wind Turbine Generator

By:  Timothy D. McCall and Alan E. Plunkett


                    The Grid..........Breezy 5.5.........and  You  



Site Updated 9-15-13

  New!!!   10K Parts Package

 Completed  Homebuilt Turbines :  

  Breezy 5.5   1-10       Breezy 5.5  11-23

  Breezy 5.5  24-30

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Breezy 10K
Breezy 5.5 will NOT be at the  fair.

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