Fred's crank attachment (helps to spin generator during rotational test, attach to blade mount)

Controller wiring (Thanks Fred)

John, Tim (me), and Alan assembling my test turbine. Breezy # 4

Side view of the turbine.

View of gin-pole side.  If properly constructed side guys don't need to be loosened.

View of gin-pole anchor. Cable to left going to truck. 3-1 sheave set.

Top of gin-pole.

Hinge pivot at the base of the tower.

Alan, John, and me.  We're applying weather stripping to edges of frame.


Brass slip-ring assembly, pretty.


Torque limiter.

Nacelle in place, final inspection.

View of the back of the blade hub.

Up just in time, nearly nightfall.

Adjusting turnbuckles.

The controls enclosure.  I mounted this inside the shop for all-weather testing.

Alvin's  balancing adaptor 

Alvin's balancing adaptor and suspended rotor