Pictures and More!  

As a bonus for our customers who have purchased the book we have made information available here that is privileged.  Is some cases it is copy protected and some it is not.  You are welcome to download and print the information for your personal use only. 

The Files: 

 "" ""  etc. files are color pictures from the book 

"new-pg 12"  This  is a new page 12 for the book.  It includes the blade profile that should have appeared in the book.  Disregard the blade profile dimensions printed in the book. 

"material list" and "sketch" These are Alan's sketches of the material for the turbine frame.  Nothing fancy, just sketches.

"gridtie.jpg"  This is a full size 8.5" x 11" picture file.  It is a one-line drawing of the turbine and how it it connected to the grid.  Your utility company may want you to provide this to them.

"Control Operation"  This is a fairly detailed description of the operation of the control circuits as they interact with the turbine and the grid.  This will help utility personnel better understand what type of turbine you are requesting to tie to the grid.

"UK vs USA"  This is a .jpg file comparing North America  and United Kingdom  turbine to utility connections.  This will help those in UK and Europe to see the differences and make necessary changes to the wiring.  (really not much difference) 

“newshaft”: This is a drawing with dimensions of the shaft we’ve been shipping with hub kits. The shaft is made from the same size stock (2-¼”). This shaft requires less lathe time and is somewhat stronger. Notice new bearing sizes: 1-¾ pillow block, 2” flange. The smaller shafts work fine (they’re just smaller and cost more to make).

“10K Supplement” This is the Breezy 10K Supplement. It is provided at no charge to those who have purchased the book. All disclaimer and copyright statements apply.


To download:  User Id: customer  (the word customer)

Password:  last word on page 17 of your book/plans (page 16 in books purchased after Aug. '07) 

Before you begin create a folder called “BreezyStuff” on your computer to place the files into. Select save to computer and indicate folder “BreezyStuff” as the destination. Before viewing the pictures you must unzip or decompress them. Most computers will do this automatically when you try to open the files.

You may have to temporarily relax security settings on your computer to accept the download.
new-pg12 material list material sketch1 material sketch2

 material sketch3.jpg

gridtie.jpg Control Operation USA vs UK.jpg
newshaft.jpg 10K Supplement