Breezy5.5's micro-controller

This is the micro-controller that we designed for Breezy 5.5.  The microprocessor controls the onboard relays which in turn switch control voltage to the appropriate control relay.  The contacts of the onboard relays are rated at 240V 12Amp.  Most relays (motor starters) will require less then an amp to energize their coils.

The micro-controller will be shipped  with a hall-device which is used by the processor  to determine the RPM of the motor.  

We warranty the micro-controller board for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.  Damages to the micro-controller caused by weather of any kind are not covered by this warranty.

Our micro-controller is adaptable to almost any induction grid-tied wind turbine or hydro system.  We can change the programming for operation outside the US.         contact us


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