News 2-08-11

If you haven’t noticed the 10K supplement has finally been added to the bonus page for download. We already seen a great shift in interest to the larger turbine. Several builders are already in the process of building the turbine.

Some of what we learned during the development process will benefit the 5.5K turbines see the updates for information.



News 7-10-10

Virginia’s first Breezy!

Congratulations Red Hill General Store



News 9-11-09

Alan and I are proud to introduce “Breezy 10K”. Two years after our we first placed a the prototype10K on the tower formerly claimed by the old 25K Carter we feel that the turbine is ready for its debut. The 10K is constructed in the same spirit of simplistic ruggedness as the original 5.5K turbine. Several of the 10K turbines have been placed into service with relatively few complications. We would like to thank those who placed their confidence in us by stepping forward and building the 10K turbine. Feedback gained from individuals who have purchased, assembled, and operated the turbine has made it a better machine for all. Tommy C. Alabama; Duane B. Illinois; Donald L. Kansas; William L. Kansas; Norman T. Kansas Thank you!

Congratulations to all who have placed Breezy turbines into service since the last update:

Allen P. Texas; Dave C. Missouri; Terry K. Indiana; Doug M. Indiana; Robert J. Wisconsin; Doug H. Missouri; Tony H. Wisconsin; Don P. Arkansas, Ted W. Iowa.

Fourteen turbines (reported) bringing the total to 42.

We have probably have overlooked a few completed turbines. If so and you see that we have missed you please bring it to our attention. If you have completed your turbine and would like it displayed send a picture and we’ll put it on the website.

   Breezy 10K 

News 12-17-08

Boone Pickens, make a hole, (it’s a military phrase) as Breezys continue to claim the “Central Corridor“.   Tim P. on the high plateau in West Texas has his Breezy #27.  At the top end, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is Tom S. and his Breezy #28 rising a full 140” into the air.

Tom has up-scaled the tilt-up tower design to meet his requirement to reach up out of the forest and into clean air.  This is a fantastic accomplishment for a homebuilder and should not be attempted without a thorough understanding of the forces involved. Outstanding!

Congratulations guys. You’re online in plenty of  time for the “windy season”.

See #27 and #28 on completed turbine pages.


News 10-27-08

 Two more completed turbines!  Randy in Lower Michigan with Breezy 5.5 # 25 and John over in Devon, UK with Breezy 5.5 #26.  Randy's turbine sits atop a 45' utility pole.  This is a first for a Breezy and again demonstrates the resourcefulness of the homebuilder.  Congratulations guys!   

News 10-3-08

Another Breezy..........number 24 built by Wally T. on the  Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Wally has also sent two links to his youtube videos of the project.  Congratulations Wally!!

News 09-06-08

The last 9 months has seen 9 new turbines completed. Many of the new turbines are very near each other. Congratulations guys and well done!!

Breezy 5.5

#16, #18, #23     John, Upper Wisconsin        John has completed his 3rd Breezy 5.5

#17 Nathan, Central Texas 

#19 Doug, Indiana 

#20 Russ, Central Texas

#21 Henry, North-Central Kansas

#22 Shannon, South Central Kansas

#23 Greg, Wisconsin

Global potential: 23 megawatt potential monthly average !!

Based only on the number of controllers we have shipped alone or as part of pre-wired enclosures there is a potential 84 Breezys that could be on-line if we stopped shipping today……amazing!!

Be sure to check out the “YouTube” videos on the YouTube link page.


News 01-06-08

It’s Texas…again!. Congratulations to Steve with Breezy 5.5 # 15. Steve’s turbine sits on an 80’ tower in central Texas and is beginning to crank out the Kws.   Steve’s new favorite pastime, watching his meter turn backwards.

Steve’s turbine brings the Breezys total to a Global potential of 15 megawatt average monthly production…….!!

News 11-24-07

Breezy 5.5 #14 on line and standing tall!  George and Ed of Saskatchewan, Canada recently completed the turbine and placed it in service.  This is the second Breezy to be built in Sask. and the third for Canada.

Congratulations George & Ed !!


News 10-27-07

Another Breezy up and flying. Congratulations go out to Kelly with the completion of Breezy 5.5 # 13 in central Texas, USA. Kelly’s turbine sits on an 80’ tower. Notice in the pictures that Kelly has reinforced the gin-pole because of the additional length required for the 80 structure.

Excellent work Kelly!


News: 10-16-07

Breezy 5.5 # 12 is up! Lets congratulate Andy for not only completing his turbine but also for being the first Breezy 5.5 on the European continent. Andy’s turbine is the same as the North American version with the exception of the gearing and a change in the micro-controller programming to allow for the 50HZ line frequency.

Once again congratulations to Andy in England, UK.

Welcome South Africa.   # 21 on the Nation count-up.


News: 10-2-07

Two new turbines are flying and online so congratulations to Joe in Tennessee, USA with Breezy number 10 and Alvin in Saskatchewan, Canada with number 11. Alvin has varied from the standard tilt-up and built a 3-legged tilt-up tower. Each turbine is unique in that as a homebuilt they will reflect some of the builders unique personality. Congratulations guys!!

Citizens of Italy and Aruba purchased plans the bringing the total to 20 countries with potential builders.

We had a great turn out at the Kansas Sate Fair. Many people traveled hundreds of miles to see the turbine. We spent every evening well beyond closing time visiting with builders and discussing ideas. For those who made the trip it was a pleasure visiting with you.

There are several builders working through the application process with their local power companies. Two of the major concerns are UL certification and IEEE compliance for the controlling circuits. If your power company requires IEEE compliance we can add the necessary components or direct you in making changes which will keep your system within the guidelines. The turbine meets the UL certification when each component which is actually in connection with the grid is UL certified.

I haven’t had as much time to spend on the “SEIG” version of the turbine as I would have liked however the project is still very much alive. We have been working on a project which has superseded the "SEIG" and will have a much, much greater impact.  A few observers have noticed something a little different about the new turbine at the test site……........


News: 07-11-07

Congratulations to Mike and his family with the latest addition, Breezy 5.5 #9. Number 9 sits on an 80’ tower in central Kansas and is painted to represent the state flower (the sunflower) when in operation…… “Well done guys”!

News 06-02-07:

Congratulations to Chris in Texas, Breezy # 7 and Fred in Maine, Breezy # 8. Chris completed his first Breezy and is working on a second. Fred has definitely raised the bar with outstanding graphics and his own special tail modification. Be sure to check out the pictures page, you’ll want to see this one.

Welcome Spain and Ireland bringing the number to 18 countries with potential builders.

The first “Bio-Breezy” was placed on-line last month. You may wonder what this is exactly.  James in Iowa has connected Breezy’s controller to an induction motor driven by a small diesel motor. The motor is fueled by waste cooking oil. Bio-Breezy is grid-tied and although running the generator set on diesel is not very cost effective, burning the waste oil seems to be. Induction motors like these do not care what is turning them. They could be powered by water, wind, steam, or even a diesel engine running on waste oil, they will all connect to the grid with the same simple method

We have reserved space at the Kansas State Fair again this year. Fair dates: September 7th - 16th. Use the updated link to print out a map (same location as last 2 years).

Blades are available!! Actually they are “rough-cut” blades. The blades will be ready for sanding, finishing, and balancing phase of “making the blades”.

We have been asked about video clips of various aspects of the turbine operation, construction, etc. We have added a page for them and will begin to add videos. We will be keeping the videos in a short low resolution format in consideration for our customers and visitors that have very slow internet connections.

The stand-alone (actually my “SEIG “, self-excited-induction-generation ) controller is progressing nicely. The project in nearly ready to move from the lab to the test turbine. Without disclosing the details too soon I will say that I believe this will be a first of it’s kind controller…

News 1-16-07

We’ll start by congratulating Edgar and Pablo Caudra of Managua, Nicaragua for completing Breezy 5.5 # 5. The Caudras placed their turbine in operation November 12th and included the coordinates 12deg 6’1.59 N 86deg 19’20.08W. The brothers are currently building a second and have plans to build several.

Congratulations guys!

In addition to Breezy # 5 we also have #4 and #6 online. These turbines belong to Alan and I and have been built for additional testing. Breezy #6 will serve as an operating display for those interested in seeing a unit first hand. The turbine is mounted on an 80’ tower, 100 yards west of the prototype and is connected directly to the grid so that the meter readings will reflect all power produced and sold to the utility. For those who are nearby feel free to check the meter readings from time to time. Breezy # 4 is located here NE of Derby and may be visited by those interested. Even though the tower is substandard (short) it represents the design fairly well.

See the completed turbines on the “pictures” page.

Lets welcome: Netherlands, Iceland, New Zealand, Finland, and Germany for a total of 16 countries. The excitement that Breezy 5.5 has generated continues to amaze us “good ole boys” (as we have been referred lately). Thank you and welcome.

We enjoy hearing from builders around the world. It would appear that the next turbine will pop up in Texas or Maine although I have a feeling there is one online in the UK. “It’s quite a fun project” seems to be a common comment (that and “wow”).

Once again the state fair was a complete success. Many of the people who bought their plans last year stopped by to see the turbine again and discuss different aspects of the building process. We appreciate the distances traveled by some visitors from as far as South Africa and the UK and as near as Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri. It is awesome the ripple that Breezy has created in wind energy.

Some have been waiting for yaw assemblies, blades, and frames. Ok, testing of the yaw assembly is complete. Like the rest of the turbine it was designed simple and very rugged. In addition, for those who do not wish to build their own we have pre-welded frame kits available. “Rough cut” blades should be available this spring. The blades will have the profiles cut only and will ready for “phase 2” of Making the Blades (sanding, filling, painting, etc).

The stand-alone version of the controller is behind schedule (way behind). On a brighter note, there has been a major price drop in a key component for the controller. Originally the component was so expensive that I was designing hardware and writing software for a work-around. Basically scrapping the previous design and redirecting the project has led to the delay. 

I'll be updating several pages on the web site during the next few days.  Be sure to check back for latest additions to the "updates" page.



News 8-09-06

Work on the stand-alone controller is moving slow but steady. I believe that I am still on target to having a working prototype in time for the fair (29 days). Final testing, that may be a while.

Breezy 5.5 #3 goes to Pierre D., lower Quebec, Canada. Pierre finished his Breezy late in July. There is a language difference but we managed to work out a minor problem though an interpreter. Pierre demonstrates a few variations from the plan, but it’s still a Breezy and another fine looking turbine. See Pierre’s photos on the pictures page, I think you’ll agree.

Congratulations Pierre!


Welcome Greece, country number 11 in the count up.




News 07-30-06

Alan has completed the test run on the longer blades. The blade length had increased the swept diameter by one foot. Although he did find a substantial increase in power output of the generator he found that with prolonged high winds there was just too much heating in the generator. Still opting for reliability, he does not recommend increasing the length of the blades without increasing the size of the generator and torque limiter.

Congratulations to Lon C. of northern Utah on completing the first customer built Breezy 5.5. By the “feel” of his e-mail we can tell he was somewhat elated with the project:


I returned from work yesterday to see breezy running for the first time! What a tremendous thrill... I think the meter was spinning backwards almost as fast as the blades were turning. What a cool sound whoosh...whoosh... whoosh... I live near a highway and people stop their cars just to watch breezy turn. What a fun project! I am ready to start on another one! Thanks for all the support during the building process. and for a great intelligent design.

Lon C. “

Lon gets the “honorary” serial number 2 for his Breezy. We will be interested in reports back on the performance of the turbine as the site is some 3000’ higher in elevation than the site of the prototype.  See pictures of  Lon's turbine added to the "pictures" page on this site.

There are several turbines nearing completion. When it is reported back to us that they are operational we will “congratulate” them here (with builders permission).


Norway joins the list of countries to which the book has been sent. Hopefully there will be a Breezy flying there soon.

Kansas State Fair: 39 days




News 06-12-06

Interest in Breezy 5.5 continues to grow as the number of book/plans sold climbs to over 600 copies reaching 9 countries both north and south of the equator. Listed from largest in numbers: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Nicaragua, Lithuania, Australia, Brazil, and Taiwan. Alan and I (Tim) would like to thank each of you and to welcome your questions as they arise. If you are unclear of what is presented or are having trouble interpreting the material please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

Finding suitable axles in which to use for a yaw assembly continues to be difficult in areas. We are currently finalizing a yaw hub design and will begin testing shortly. Our goal is to provide drawings for those who wish to use the design and to provide complete assemblies ready for installation for those wishing to speed up the building process.

Alan is currently testing yet another blade modification. With so many requests and inquiries from people in areas with marginal available wind, Alan has been testing longer blades. With a twofold purpose of finding a lower threshold of generation and pushing the upper limit of generator capacity this modification has been in service for a week. An adverse affect of the modification could result in burned generator windings if the turbine is subjected to high winds for prolonged periods. Alan is going to find out just how tough the Nord Gearmotor really is. Initial results are very promising.

One of the most often asked questions has been about stand-alone operation of Breezy 5.5. As you know in its current configuration Breezy 5.5 is a grid-connected turbine. However, I have been evaluating methods of operating the turbine stand-alone. Last winter I tested a 1 hp version of the Nord Gearmotor in a self excited mode to gain more understanding of what would be necessary to control the larger turbine. I must say that the value of a grid connection cannot be fully appreciated until one looks at the alternatives; the grid is always a perfect load for the turbine. I have begun preliminary design work for a “stand alone” controller that will control load for up to a 10 KW. A stand-alone version of Breezy 5.5 will have minimal changes to the design and probably no changes to the turbine itself. Target for a working design is in time for the Kansas State Fair this coming fall.

We are continuing to work out agreements with suppliers and plan to offer more parts in the near future. Among them, complete “iron kits”. This kit would include all metal parts to build the turbine with options for pre-built rotor hub, drive shaft, and yaw assembly (contingent on a satisfactory yaw design). We have realized through feedback that not everyone has access to local suppliers of some of the materials required without traveling.

Prairie Turbines will celebrate its first anniversary next month. Alan and I wish express our appreciation for your support and confidence in Breezy 5.5 as we continue to grow. This past year has been a pinnacle experience for both of us………thank you.