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The Book:   Breezy 5.5

A Reliable 5500 Watt Homebuilt Wind Turbine Generator   Includes 10K Supplement!!

(The plans do not show how to build the micro-controller)


  USA & Canada


   All Other Countries



Complete with power supply, hall-device, and enclosure.  (2yr warranty, out of warranty exchange $65.00)

(The plans do not show how to build the micro-controller)



   USA & Canada


   All Other Countries

To order by mail add these charges: Book $2.79 shp (KS residents $3.37 tax) Micro-controller $12.50 shp (KS residents $17.52 tax)



Mail payment to:

 Prairie Turbines
11301 E. 55th St. S
Derby, Kansas 67037



The dimensions or part numbers for the following items are given in the book/plans. However in the event you have do not have access to a lathe, do not feel comfortable at your particular skill level, or simply want to speed the building process we have made  a few of the components and assemblies available here.   We build the parts and assemblies as if we were building them for ourselves, usually exceeding the load requirement many times.  Look through the pictures and text on this and other pages of the web site to get a better understanding of where and how each of these items are used on the turbine.  

Because shipping costs vary to make a purchase e-mail:   tim@prairieturbines.com  or call for a shipping quote and instructions on completing the transaction.  Remember to include your address and contact phone number for the shipping quote.  Also, include "Breezy parts" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Thanks, Tim & Alan



10K parts package

Breezy 5.5 Parts Package: Pre-wired enclosure, yaw assembly, rotor hub-shaft-bearing kit, frame kit, Nord 7.5hp gear motor, slip-ring assembly, and torque limiter assembly.  This is basically everything at the top of the tower.  With the purchase of this package rough cut blades are free!!

To complete the turbine installation you’ll need: tower material, wire from top of tower to enclosure below and on to your service panel, ground rod, plywood for tail vane and finishing supplies.

$5180.00 +   $700 freight (1200lbs)    $5880.00

Freight: lower 48, dock pick-up, 3-5 weeks delivery

Complete Pre-wired Enclosure with 90amp solid state phase- angle fired soft start main relay, capacitors, micro-controller, 30amp breaker/enclosure.   The enclosure includes an exterior mounted disconnect and an interior mounted fused control voltage switch.  There is also a receptacle available for using power tools etc. at the turbine site.  


(The plans show how to build an enclosure).

(The plans do not show how to build the micro-controller).

Rough Cut Blades    $300

Weight  80-95lbs

Blades are rough cut to specifications and ready for “Blade Making Phase II”. Lumber is Hemlock Fir - SPF- Douglass Fir.....Blades are now laminated with grain offset  to provide a more stable blade. 

(The plans show how to make the blades from raw lumber).

Complete Yaw Assembly    $380

This yaw assembly is designed with a ring welded to the bottom which will allow it to slip into 6" schedule 40 steel pipe.  The larger ring at the top will allow for welding the assembly to the top of the pipe.  The assembly includes 3 large (5" +) bearings and is machined to lock together with one large snap ring.  The top of the hub is drilled for mounting to the turbine frame bed plate and the inner tube is drilled and taped to match the bolt pattern of the bottom of the slip-ring. 

When complete the brass slip-ring assembly will bolt directly to the top of the inner tube without an adapter.  

The complete yaw assembly weighs approximately 72lbs.  

The plans call for using a salvaged agriculture (combine) or truck axle hub for this application.  However, if you prefer we have made our yaw assembly available for purchase. 


Complete hub with drive shaft and bearings kit.

Weight: 98 lbs.


(The plans show how to build this).

Complete Frame Kit:  $985

Weight: 363 lbs

The frame kit is 97% pre-welded.  The builder will still be required to weld tail tail-beam together and the motor mounts into the frame.  No mounting holes have been drilled into the frame (except for the nacelle).

(The plans show how to build this).

The picture shows the generator drive shaft and flange bearing mount to the front end plate.  The frame kit does not include these two items.  


    (The plans show how to build this).

Nord 7 1/2 hp gear motor with brake.  This is an industrial inverter rated gear motor.  Gearing is achieved with 14.55-1 helical cut gears for low gearbox friction and high torque transfer.

Weight: 225 lbs.


  SK32-132S/4 Bre60 



Slip-Ring Assembly


Additional generator mount height required when using this slip-ring assembly (use 8" tall motor mount).  Will also require proportional overall height increase to endplates, etc.  

Dalton Torque Limiter W/Chain and Sprockets

Shaft sizes: gearbox 1-5/8", drive shaft 1-1/2"  Assembly weight: 54 lbs.



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