Video clips.

These clips are pretty low resolution  which will allow viewers with slower internet connections to view them.

Tilt-up Tower: My friend Jim and I raising the test tower ( much shorter then standard). We’re using a 3-1 pulley arrangement and my old  ˝ Ford pick-up (4 x 4) to pull it up. The tower has the standard 4 guys and uses a “gin-pole” incorporated in one guy position as a big lever to raise the tower.

Generator Noise. We’ve been asked many times “how much noise does the turbine make”?  At the time of the video the wind was blowing 18 - 25 mph with higher gusts. You can barely hear whine from the generator and nothing at all from the rotor. At the beginning the camera is 25’ in front of the turbine. The second shot is taken from behind the corner of the shop about 45’ away from the base of the turbine. Use the tilt-up tower video for additional visual reference.

More clips to come.

Tilt-up Tower   1.4meg
Generator Noise   800k